What To Do When Locked Out

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Arriving home or to the office to find your locked out can be distressing, especially when you don’t know where you left the keys. Did I leave them at home? Did I lock the door? Has someone picked my keys up? All sorts of questions start running through your mind.

Then the question arrives of what should I do? The first thing to think about is getting back in the house. Call a reputable Locksmith. Go onto Google and search for a locksmith for Shoreham, Worthing, Lancing or wherever your property is located, type in the place name followed by the service you require, this is good practice to search for any local services you require as it supports your local community. Then by checking before you call that the Locksmith is generally local to you.

How Do You find a Local Locksmith?

Once you have completed your search, ignore the paid ads at the top of your search results, most of the time these are national companies advertising as local but in fact, are miles away and will keep you guessing as to what time they will actually arrive. Plus, because they pay Google to be placed at the top of your search page that cost is often passed on to the customer, so not only are you being deceived your actually risking being charged over the top for the job of getting you back into your property.

Call the local Locksmith who is generally local to you, he/she will be at your property much quicker than any national locksmith, will not charge over the top prices as he/she has a reputation to keep within his working area.

How do I know he/she is a Local Locksmith?

Have a look around the website before you call, most genuine Locksmiths will have contact details on the company website, you can check the address, do you recognize the address and phone number? Is the dialling code the correct one for your area.

Calling the Locksmith

Once you’re happy that the number your dialling is for a local Locksmith, ring the number and ask the following questions.

  • How much is the cost of getting me back in my property?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • Will you be able to gain entry without damaging my lock or door?
  • How can I pay you?
  • Will I receive an invoice stating what work was carried out?
  • How much is the cost of getting me back in my property?

How much is the cost of getting me back in my property?

Question one, it’s always best to ask what you’re expected to pay, Some not so reputable Locksmiths will charge extra for just turning up before they do anything.

Are there any additional fees?

Question two, Make sure to ask this, you know then that the price is fixed to what you have been told before they turn up.

Will you be able to gain entry without damaging the door?

Question three, in most cases any reputable Locksmith should be able to gain entry without any damage to the lock or door by using methods that he/she has perfected over many hours of practice and training.

How can I pay you?

Question four, It’s best if you can pay by card or check.
Why is this? All card payments are recorded, in the event of a problem your bank or building society can intervene. The same goes for paying by check, in the event of a problem you can cancel the check. If the Locksmith askes for cash only, I’d be suspicious, A properly run business should not have to ask for cash payment only.

Will I receive stating what work was carried out?

Question five, Receiving a properly written out invoice is important. It should show the Locksmiths details as follows:

  • Company name.
  • Company trading address and contact details.
  • VAT number if registered for charging VAT.
  • A description as to what work was carried out plus any materials used.

The Local Locksmith

The Locksmith you have called should ask you some questions, so he/she can determine what task they are doing, therefore being able to give you a fixed price.

Jeff at Seymour Locksmiths will ask you three questions.

  • What type of door do I need to gain entry to? Wooded, plastic or metal?
  • Do you have identification on you?
  • The full postal address of the property.

What type of door do I need to gain entry to?

Question one, This is so I can determine what type of lock I need to gain entry too, being able to then give you a fixed price as long as no parts are required.

Do you have identification on you?

Question two, This is so I can determine if you have the right of entry to the property, you’d be surprised at the number of people who do try this when they have no right of entry. If you do not have identification on you but can prove that you live at the property then all is ok.

The full postal address of the property

Question three, This is so I can arrive at your property at the time I have informed the customer. I will be using satellite navigation to tell me the distance to travel.

The locksmith should then arrive at the property, preferably in a sign written van that is equipped with the correct tools and materials to get you back inside quickly and efficiently.

I hope by reading this simple guide to “Being locked Out’ will help you gain access to your property with as little disruption and cost you and your family.


Seymour Locksmiths are operating on emergency calls only during the UK Lockdown.

Social distancing must be adhered to whilst visiting customers.

  • I will ask that you stay in a separate room whilst the work is being done.
  • We are using disposable gloves for each job, the door and any work areas will be wiped down on completion of work.
  • Payment can be taken via bank transfer or bank card.

What is classed as emergency call only?

  • Locked out or in.
  • Key snapped in lock.
  • Unable to lock the door for whatever reason.

If your need is not mentioned above or you're not sure please don’t hesitate to give Jeff a ring with your enquiry.

Jeff Seymour
07710 408 414
01273 465 336