Three myths you might hear about Locksmiths debunked

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All too often, I hear misinformation about locksmiths, including “they charge too much”, “picking a lock is easy” or “I can do it myself”.

But let’s take a little look in detail at these three myths you might have heard…. and explain why they’re simply not accurate.

They Charge too much

The first thing that most people do when they lock themselves out or lose their keys is consider contacting a local locksmith. If you type “Locksmith in Shoreham-by-Sea” or “Shoreham-by-Sea Locksmith”, into a search on your phone, then you will get information for lots of local locksmith companies. Those that appear at the top of the page are most likely to be paid ads. That means the company has paid Google so that they can be listed at the top of the search. When you click on their link it costs them money and this is a cost they often pass on to their customers. This means the job will cost you more than it should, and you may well find yourself dealing with a National company rather than a locksmith in Shoreham-by-Sea who really is local and will charge you a lot less than a big national company. Having seen invoices from some of these companies, I can confirm that the charge for opening a door can be up to 10 x the amount you would be charged by a local independent company.

Being locked out can be stressful but don’t panic. Before you make a rash call, scroll down your search results and look at the natural organic positions – this is where you will find those locksmiths who are genuinely local. A quick check on the map will tell you just how local a company is. If you use a local locksmith in Shoreham-by-Sea – like me, for example – chances are that you will not only receive a top-class service but also a price that is fair.

Picking a lock is easy

As with most things in life, practice makes perfect. That can certainly be said in respect of picking locks. It takes time and patience, a lot of patience, to learn how to pick different types of locks. Manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo locksmiths with new locks that are more and more complicated. Of course, they do that so that you will be safe and secure in your home or workplace, but this does mean that locksmiths have to stay just that one step ahead so that we can pick your lock when you need us to.

Therefore, it is important to use a local locksmith and not a national company. When it comes to gaining access to your home in a nondestructive manner, a local company could have more patience. Why is this? Independent local locksmiths often rely on word of mouth when it comes to new customers. This is often why we take the extra time and effort to build up a good reputation, by ensuring there is no damage to your lock or door. If we can do this, we will be saving you time and money and you’ll be more likely to use your friendly Shoreham-by-Sea locksmith the next time something happens.

A national company is more likely to simply drill your lock rather than try to pick it. While this might be faster, they will then need to replace the lock that has been damaged and this will cost you more.

I can do that myself

Most new homeowners want to upgrade their locks, and this is certainly something we would recommend. The issue is, many believe that they can do it themselves. While many people are perfectly competent to change a lock, it is vital that any new locks on a property are the correct ones and fitted to the standard that is required for them to be most effective. It can cost thousands in the long run if you have a lock that does not meet the standard required by your insurance. This is because if your lock is fitted incorrectly, or isn’t of the approved standard, any claim made on your insurance may be invalid.

Having locks fitted by a reputable locksmith in Shoreham-by-Sea will offer you peace of mind that you home is secure, and both the locks and work will be guaranteed.

If you are looking for a local locksmith to Shoreham-by-Sea – why not get in touch with us today. Simply ask for Jeff at Seymour Locksmiths and you’ll soon be speaking to a local locksmith you can trust to get the job done right.