Should I Change My MPLS Multipoint Locking System Cylinder?

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MPLS (Multipoint Locking System) fitted to your front door, back door or Patio doors is a great locking system, but where a lot of these systems fail to meet insurance approval is the cylinder that has probably been in place since the system was installed. The cylinder is where you use the key and is separate to the MPLS. There are four Kitemark standards, one star, two star, three star and Diamond approved cylinders.

Is My MPLS Cylinder Secure?

The average time it takes to force a door with a standard cylinder is 2-3 minutes. In most cases, the cylinders are bypassed using the now common method known as Cylinder Snapping. You can read my blog about Cylinder Snapping here.

Most Kitemarked cylinders will withstand snapping, but they are not that difficult to bypass with the correct knowledge, and believe me when I say these opportunist thieves are always trying to be one step ahead.

A Kitemark cylinder with 3 stars will have been tested to a very high standard and if passed it will be awarded the TS007 3 star rating, meaning it will protect against every attempted break-in.

This security standard has been developed by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). Along with Secured by Design and Police Federation.

The easiest way to check if your cylinder is Kitemarked is to ID the cylinder and see if it is accredited. A standard cylinder is what most uPVC door manufacturers use because simply they are cheaper than a cylinder that has been manufactured and tested to withstand attack by a burglar.

Cylinders that have been tested to a standard recognised by insurance companies and the police federation will have a star grading. 1 star to 3 star cylinders have all been tested and approved.

Having at least a 1 star cylinder fitted to all your external uPVC doors will make most opportunist thieves simply move on to the next easy door. The simple fact that you have now made it much harder to bypass your MPLS by manipulating the cylinder will prevent a lot of opportunist thieves from entering your property.

3 star kitemark cylinder
Three star cylinder showing the Kitemark symbol

What’s The Difference Between One Star, Two Star, Three Star And Diamond Approved Cylinders?

A 3 star cylinder will have multiple layers of protection and will show a Kitemark with 3 stars above. The 3 star cylinder will have been tested to withstand, Drill Attacks, Snapp Attacks, Picking and bumping methods.

The 1 star and 2 star cylinders can be used in conjunction with approved hardware such as handles. Door hardware which has been approved in the same way that 3 star cylinders have will also have a 1 or 2 star approval. Using hardware that has 2 star and a cylinder that has 1 or 2 star will give you 3 star approval.

2 star kitemark hardware handle
Hardware with 2 star approval

SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder

These cylinders are the top range when it comes to safeguarding your property. Approved by the Sold Secure’s Approved Diamond Standard. They have been tested and passed the 3star rating but because these are so indestructible a new Diamond rating has been created.

As of Jan 2019, there are 13 cylinder manufacturers producing the Diamond Cylinders. One cylinder manufacturer is so confident in its cylinder that it guarantees to the customer £1000 if the property was wilfully entered through their cylinder, very impressive I’d say.

SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder
Ultion SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder 

Take A Look At A Diamond Cylinder

I’m going to explain in more detail what a Diamond Cylinder can do to withstand an attack. The Ultion Diamond Cylinder is, in my opinion, the best cylinder on the market today.

This video will show just how easy it is to gain entry through a standard cylinder.

Nine seconds to gain entry, unbelievable I hear you say while the Diamond Cylinder is 1.5 hours in, lots of noise and still no entry.

The Ultion cylinder goes into lockdown mode when under attack. This is because the Ultion has a hidden pin that when attacked goes into lockdown mode and is very difficult to bypass.

Lock picking technology is also used to prevent picking and bumping to gain entry, I know of plenty of Locksmiths who simply cannot gain entry using the traditional methods to gain entry.

Twenty point drill protection, each pin and plate is made from hardened steel, precisely positioned to protect against attempts at drilling. Keys for this cylinder are also restricted to you, meaning no one else can have keys cut. You are in full control of your keys.

Trusted to protect, Ultion will give you the customer £1000 if your Ultion cylinder is bypassed using the common method of cylinder snapping. That is some statement and the only cylinder on the market to do this.

Everybody approves the Ultion Diamond Cylinder. Locksmiths approve, the Police approve and British Standards approve.

For any queries or to book an appointment to have this professionally fitted please call Jeff at Seymour Locksmiths.