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Deadlocks Explained By A Professional Locksmith

Deadlocks Jeremiah and Charles Chubb first invented the deadlock as we know it today during the early 19 century. Previously the brother’s main work was ship fitting, the rapid urbanization of Europe brought on a crime increase in home burglaries. … Continue reading

Should I Change My Locks? – Cheap vs Expensive Locks

What’s the difference between a cheap and an expensive locking cylinder? The answer to this question is the same as a low-cost new car compared to a higher cost car. They will both take you from A to B as … Continue reading

Should I Change My MPLS Multipoint Locking System Cylinder?

Should I Change My MPLS Multipoint Locking System Cylinder? MPLS (Multipoint Locking System) fitted to your front door, back door or Patio doors is a great locking system, but where a lot of these systems fail to meet insurance approval … Continue reading

Multipoint Locks / Nightlatch Mode

As a qualified locksmith, I’m often called out to residents who have locked themselves out. However, I’m seeing more and more residents actually not locking the the door correctly. If you have a uPVC door with a Multipoint locking system … Continue reading

Nightlatch – What to Know

Nightlatch – What To Know When it comes to locksmith security, it’s easy to be blinded by new technology. Although some of the modern security solutions have proved to be popular, there’s no denying that the conventional measures of yesteryear … Continue reading

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Multi Point Locking Systems

Multipoint Locks What Is A Multipoint Locking System? Multipoint locking systems (MPLS) became widely used in the mid 80’s on residential properties throughout the UK. Over time these systems fail. Why do they fail? Well like most mechanical products they … Continue reading

What Is Cylinder Snapping?

eurolock with keys

Lock snapping or cylinder snapping is a common method used by burglars to gain entry to your property. Burglars use this method against a euro cylinder lock which are fitted to most properties with uPVC doors or composite doors. Lock … Continue reading

Restoring Old Locks

Can I have my old locks restored? From time to time I get asked this very question and the answer in most cases is yes. Many old houses, particularly locks in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area, have old … Continue reading