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For this blog I thought it could be interesting to give you, the reader, an insight into what it is like to be a locksmith in Worthing.

Being a locksmith is a very rewarding and fascinating career. As we deal with home security it is critical for us to be skilled at our job as well as being very knowledgeable on the subject of locks and home security. This must all be tied in with strong customer relations to give our customers a great sense of satisfaction once a job is complete.
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What Is Cylinder Snapping?


Lock snapping or cylinder snapping is a common method used by burglars to gain entry to your property. Burglars use this method against a euro cylinder lock which are fitted to most properties with uPVC doors or composite doors.

Lock Snapping Method

To snap a euro cylinder lock it only takes minutes and no specialist tools are required. Once the cylinder has been snapped the lock is then manipulated to open the door and grant the burglar entry to your home. You may think that a multipoint locking door is very secure, however it is only as good as the cylinder lock fitted as the lock itself is the weak part of the locking system.
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Bitcoin Acceptance

Seymour Locksmiths Now Accept Bitcoin!

We at Seymour Locksmiths have decided to start accepting the Crypto Currency Bitcoin as a payment option for our services; Locksmith in Portslade, Shoreham and other surrounding areas.

We have been deliberating accepting Bitcoin at Seymour Locksmiths for some time now and it appears that this fast moving new technology has its benefits and is definitely starting to be taken seriously. With Bitcoin Black Friday on the horizon, now seems like the perfect time. 
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Restoring Old Locks

Can I have my old locks restored?

From time to time I get asked this very question and the answer in most cases is yes.

Many old houses, particularly in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area, have old doors and their hardware is an important part of the look an the feel of an old house.
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Tips For National Home Security Month

Tips For National Home Security Month

With the ever increasing pressures of day to day life home security is overlooked. National Home Security Month (NHSM) is designed to create awareness of the importance of home security. With the clocks changing and darker nights approaching, burglaries go up. 
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Should You Change The Locks On A New Home?

Over Half Of New Home Owners Never Think About Changing The Locks On Their New Property

When you move there’s a hundred and one things to think about. One of the things that gets missed or forgotten about is changing the front and rear door locks despite the fact that third parties could still have keys to your new property.
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How To Use Local Business

How to use local business (and spot nationwide businesses that claim to be local)

When you need to call out a service based business you’ll probably search in Google “Emergency Locksmith” or “Local Locksmith” and so on. Now Google, or any other such search engine will show you a number of pages with details of various business in your local area. Within those pages will be nationwide companies advertising themselves as local businesses. Nationwide companies will have a much larger marketing budget as oppose to the genuine local businessman/woman whose budget will be much smaller in comparison giving them an unfair advantage.
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